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Jewel-Withy Project

I have been planning this project for a few years now, but as some of you might be aware I had two little boys in between time who have taken up just a little bit of my time ;@) Covid-19 hasn't helped much either, but I can't complain, I have a healthy family and it's meant that I have been able to spend more quality time with my children whilst they are small.

Now just to recap on the project.... I am working towards an exhibition with the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, which is planned to be held for six weeks during the late summer and early autumn of 2022! The exhibition is based on the endangered craft of Withy Pots, specifically in the South-West of England and it's story told through a collection of jewellery that I design and make. There are five chapters to this story:

  1. Willow

  2. Withy pots

  3. Fishing communities

  4. Modern day pots

  5. Future

These chapters will be featured in future blog posts and will form the layout of the exhibition.

I am very excited to also add that I will be collaborating with Cornwall College who will be delivering two live briefs with their Media students and Art and Design Students. The first brief is to record a film documentary based on the Withy pot makers and the second is for Art and Design students to attend a Withy Pot making skills workshop and to then re-use the techniques to create something new, such as ceramics or furniture! The final outcomes will be exhibited at the exhibition and also featured on my blog! I will of course update you on our progress throughout! So keep an eye out ;@)

The overall aims of this exhibition are to educate and ignite an interest in others to learn more about the craft and hopefully help save it from disappearing and to launch a new collection of jewellery which is not just to be worn, but also forms a part in telling the Withy pot stories. Let's not let this important craft be forgotten!

Thanks for reading! x


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