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Withy pot gallery

Every withy pot tells a story.....

Traditional crab/lobster pots, known as withy pots, vary in styles around the South West coast and their individual characterisitics each tell a story. They hold integral information which will help piece together and support the oral histories produced throughout the Withy Lore project.


Since 2020 I have been gathering photographs of withy pots and Storylines and I are continuing to do so throughout Withy Lore. Sadly due to the ephemeral nature of withy pots, many styles have now been lost, however studying archive photographs will allow for some of this information to be recovered. 


To highlight the key similarities and differences of each pot, throughout 2024 I am creating a collection of black and white Illustrations. These will also allow opportuntiries to discover and record terminology used to describe parts of the pots, which are often linked to the Cornish language.

We are very grateful to the UK Government and Konsel Kernow for providing us with an Intangible Cultural Heritage Grant towards creating a digital resource of photos/illustrations which links to other important information, such facts, texts and oral histories, so that this can be made accessable online, to a wide audience for generations to come.

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