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Celebrating withy pots from around the South west

Over 2024 and I will be working in partnership on a project called ‘Withy Lore’. We will spend time with those involved in the withy pot craft, recording their memories, knowledge and reflections. These will be celebrated through film, photography, storytelling, and art, beginning with an exhibition at the Royal Cornwall Museum from 10th March – 22nd June 2025.

Richard Ede withy pots - Photo taken by Simon Colgan - Cornwall College.jpeg

A bit about withy pots

Until the 1960’s and 1970’s willow crab/lobster pots, known locally as withy pots, were a common sight around the South West coastline. Crafted with great skill over the winter months and cast into the sea with the hope of a good catch, these pots were a lifeline to fishermen and their families for generations. With the introduction of plastic pots, withy pot making rapidly declined and today few pot makers remain. Withy pots, naturally biodegrade, leaving behind little or no trace and many styles sadly have now been lost. This fascinating craft and its heritage, that is deeply connected to our relationship with the natural world, is now at risk of disappearing.  

Meet The Team

We are excited to annouce that we have received funding from National Lottery Heritage Fund, FEAST Cornwall, Cornwall Community Foundation, the St.Aubyn Foundation and the Fishmongers Company towards digitally documenting the critcially endangered craft and to hold some intergenerational workshops. I am still waiting to hear if funding towards my aim to produce an exhibition book, to document similarities and differences between withy pots from around the South west, largely through artefact illustration has been succesful and I will keep you all in the loop!

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