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Step inside the world of salix piskies, who live among the leaves of willow trees. When no human is near they begin to play in the withy branches that create the perfect playground.


Each tree holds a pisky community and they take their roles as guardians very seriously. They have a special connection to the plants natural cycle and in turn the seasons, the weather and other creatures who enjoy them.

Next time you come across a willow tree, stop and listen, maybe you will hear a salix pisky!


This book has been written to help spread awareness of the threatened withy pot craft in the South West.  As the knowledge and skills of making withy pots fade so do precious values and principles they hold. These include a sense of belonging, a pride in the makers’ work, camaraderie, working together as a community and with nature.


Book written and illustrated by Anna Pope
Each illustration was originally created through intaglio printing, largely from copper plates that were salt water etched

Limited edition of 200

Dimentions 15 x 15 cm

32 pages

Made from 100% recycled card

Risograph printed with soy inks by Roots Press, Cornwall

Withy pots and salix piskies book

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