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Made from Sterling Silver (available to commission in others metals such as 9 carat yellow gold, please contact me for further details).

They each measure 1.3cm wide x 1.8cm long


These drop earrings form part of my Willow Jewellery collection, which has been created as part of my Jewel-Withy project - exploring the threatened Withy pot craft in the South West and its close connections with plants, nature and people.


These drops are the result of the first studies made of Black Maul Willow catkins in the spring, a variety of willow which is popular in the Withy pot world for its long slender branches, which are also flexible and strong. The geometric shapes represent the fact that the catkins are one of the first pollinators each year for the bees and the holes are inspired by the pot stand, which a Withy pot maker uses to create their pots from.



Catkin Pot Stand Drops

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